24/7 ​​support

Our consultans are ready to assist you whenever you need it

24/7 support
In case that you need urgent assistance, we refer to CompuSoft's 24/7 support where the supporter on duty is ready to assist you.

Please notice that CompuSoft's 24/7 support is available to subscription clients only.

How to use the 24/7 support?
1. Call the supporter on duty at +45 63 18 63 63.
2. Enter your personal pin code which you will find at the top of the CompuSoft Helpdesk Manager window.

Write directly to your supporter

Do you have less urgent questions or issues, please contact your CompuSoft supporter through the CompuSoft Helpdesk Manager - http://helpdesk.compusoft.dk.

Please notice that this service is available for customers with service subscriptions only.

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