CompuSoft's Business Partners

A Danish - Dutch alliance

The Software House CompuSoft has formed a  strategic alliance with the Dutch company Seijsener and CompuSoft has optained franchise and sole representation of the Seijsener's products in Scandinavia.

Our alliance has formed a strong cooperation, and together we provide so far unseen smart and intelligent solutions for the tourist industry. Below you can read about our special competences.


  • Comprehensive booking and management
  • Selfservice terminals for payment, booking, information and much more.
  • Integrated handling of access control for all kind of facilities.
  • User pays system for all kind of facilities.
  • Consumption metering and payment
  • Online booking


  • Water and power supply stands for campsites, marinas etc.
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Bollard for mooring
  • Rescue equipment


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