Booking & management

Industry-specific solutions for tourist and service companies

We have specialized in industrý-specific solutions within booking, management, access control, consumption-based payment and ticketing. Every product is carefully designed and developed by our own development team giving us special opertunity to create systems specifically made for you and you enterprise.


Have your system customized

A CompuSoft system is characterized by its unique flexibility and versatility. We will provide a completely customized solution based on our leading industry-specific software foundation. We offer solutions that provide you efficient work flows.

All-in-one solution

CompuSoft Booking and Management Systems integrates with every other CompuSoft module from a compehensive product portefolio. Thus you can archieve the advantage of covering all branches of your enterprise in only one gathered solution, no matter the complexity. 


Industry-specific solutions
CompuSoft designs booking and management solutions. To learn more, please click on the menu to the right and choose one of the topics such as holiday resorts, hotels, marinas, sport centres and more! In case you don't find you business in the menu, please contact us and tell us about your ideas.

Solutions for comprehensive businesses

The system is designed to ensure usability and clarity, which makes it increbibly easy to operate different offices or shops in one system. Experience how your enterprise can take advantage of the system's brilliant features like quick access to maintenance, sales statistics, prices, documents and more.

Intuitive design

One of our primary aims is our system's accessability, and with a short introduction your team willsoon be welcoming your guests.

Secure investment

We guarantee that our products are continuously technological up to date, and so will your investment be. We are constantly improving our systems so that we can assure clients that our products can be expanded at any time as your enterprise grows.

Buy or rent

Please, feel free to ask for our favourable prices and immediate implementation - no matter if you decide to buy or rent your booking system.


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