Sport and event

Professional solutions for the sport Professionals

Efficient reservation, management, front desk and back end systems for the professional booking center: the in-built flexibility enables the system to be customized for the specific needs of each client. The system handles all-purpose scheduling: booking of lanes, courts, halls as well as overnight reservations in hotel or similar for large groups, single persons, and families. Intelligent reservation calendar and schedule tools allow you to customize the system to perfectly comply to your requirements.

One system - one card - all advantages

The access control is based on high quality, chemical resistant, silicone wristband with encapsulated chip as well as chip-cards or keyrings. We deliver a wide range of various media - customized to the specific purpose. The individual chip-media is recognised from elegant chip-readers: Your guests hold the wristband, the card or other media in front of the reader; light und signal  immediately show the activation. A very convenient, simple and safe operation for your guests.

Central control of all facilities

From now on you can control all administration, management, ticketing, accesscontrol, seating, entances and each individual facility in only one system. 
Unifying all your tasks into one system gives you great advantages suchs as easy accesibility to all information, central management and control, constantly updated real-time overviews, professional and effecient management.



Self-service systems

We are experts in self-service solutions. From self-service terminals and fully automatic onlinebookingsystems up to the total unmanned self-service reception. We design unique and easy-to-use systems which comply to your requirements.

Unmanned solutions

We are among the first in Northern Europe to deliver unmanned solutions inclusive integrated ticket sale and ticket delivery stands. A product that gives the guests faster and flexible arrivals.

In same series, a fast and compact involve-stand for chip-bracelets. The new delivery and involving stands can be included in a single complete self-serviced solution. 

The personal ticket works as ID, as keycard for closets, as accesscard for all facilities in your facility.

The personal ticket is also a valuecard and your guest can top-up his valuecard both online and via the selfservice terminal. The valuecard can be used as payment card in your café or at any place in your facility.

The system is available with all kinds of tickets: Wristbands, E-ticketing, cards, keyfobs, paper, and so on. 




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