Today people wish to book their vacations themselves from the Internet. People wish to have access to get all kinds of information whenever they feel like it. We book and shop in our lunch hour, in the evening, and on sundays. Everybody is accustomed to have accessibility to everything 24 hours a day! Why not jump on the bandwagon? With onlinebooking you give full accessibility to your guests and  you never have to close. Your customers will be able to book their vacation whenever they wish. This is firstclass service to your customers and very good business for you.

Very easy to use

Onlinebooking gives full self-service through the Internet to your customers: Booking and payment is done very easily and quickly. Confirmations are e-mailed automatically to the customer. The layout of the onlinebookingsystem is custommade to your designline, and the system is tailored to your booking terms and prices. The system is very easy to operate and bookings are completed with very few clicks. 

No administration
Name, address, phonenumber, booking and payment are transfered automatically to your inhouse bookingsystem and leaves no work to you to be done. You will economize on staff resources and you will benefit from the fact that your customers pay immediately.

Easier for you to customize your webshop

Onlinebooking is completely integrated with our inhouse bookingsystem and al maintenance and settings regading your inhouse booking and your online booking are handled in one and same system. Alterations in prices and terms take effect at once without futher actions. It is very easy to activate or deactivate units, to put together holiday packages, and to sell additional services.

We take care of everything

OnlineBooking is hosted by CompuSoft A/S. We provide safe and stabil hosting, and we take care of all service and updates of the system.


Works with all known creditcards

From very clear views the customer is able to choose his pitch, unit, cabin, or appartment. Each unit is shown on a graphical map or drawing with further details available. When the customer has picked an unit he is able to complete the booking and pay online with his creditcard. 


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