A text message gateway

Send and receive text messages directly from the inhouse reservation system. Simple and targeted communications to your customers with a single click.
Take advantage of the most widely used media and give your customers the best service.

Opens a Myriad of opportunities

CompuMESSAGE Gateway turns your bookingsystem into a sophisticated marketing tool. With CompuMESSAGE you can easily and effectively communicate with your customers and send out offers and news. CompuMESSAGE Gateway is operated from the inhouse reservation system. The system handles thousands of recipients. This opens up a Myriad of opportunities.

  Limited only by your imagination
You might want to send text messages to all registered customers and thus provide information on activities and events. You might want to remind the guests on their reservations in the restaurant and simultaneously send information on today's menu. You might want to configure text messages competitions for all registered customers. Your guests can buy wireless internet through text message services. You can even remote control your CompuMat access control system via text messages from your cell phone. 


How does it work?
CompuMESSAGE includes a simple small text editor where you can compose your messages. After that, you select the persons to whom you wish to send the message. Now CompuMESSAGE takes over and leaves no further administration to you.

Additional features:

1. The system automatically sends out reminders to guest prior to arrival. For instance: "We look forward to welcome you. If you prefer we can arrange reservation for you in our family restaurant on the day of your arrival. Please reply to this message and we arrange everything".

2. Remote control of the CompuMat access control system via cellphone. This enabels you to open/close gates and doors and to activate/deactivate facilities.

3. Guests can make reservations for restaurant, for tennis/golf, for shows.

4. Guests can buy access to the wireless Internet.

5. The system automatically sends out notifications for activities, shows, and all kind of entertainment. 

6. You can send mass messages to guests and staff.

7. You can set-up competitions and let your guests be able to participate via text messages.

CompuMESSAGE is an add-on to CompuSuite Inhouse Reservation System.


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