Experience perfect overview with CompuSoft Dashboard
Dashboards provide easy to understand key figures based on data from your business.

CompuSoft Dashboard is an interactive and graphical tool with lots of options for graphical visualization of your data. With easy to understand graphs, charts and gauges you can see the overall performance of your business at a glance. CompuSoft Dashboard consists of interchangeable and fully customizable and configurable graphical modules that compile your data from various data sources and provide a better understanding of the departments of your business interact.

For instance, CompuSoft Dashboard visualizes following data:
  • Number of reservations and bookings sorted by rental units and customer types.
  • Comparison of number of bookings in selected periods of time, seasons, years, etc.
  • See from where your reservations are comming (from phone calls, online booking, booking channels, personal check-in in your reception, etc.)
  • Today's top-selling products.
  • Revenue in total, revenue in details by each cash terminal and by each shop assistant.
  • Revenue compared to other periods of time, seasons, years, etc.
  • Consumption measurement.
  • And much more..
CompuSoft Dashboard integrates with any kind of data that you want to monitor. It provides you with both a quick overview of arrivals and departures as well as detailed analyses of your company's turnover. By default CompuSoft Dashboard offers modules for reservations and bookings, electricity and water consumption, use of facilities via CompuMat Access Control, finance and sales, sales statistics, staff numbers, web services (weather reports, news feeds, YouTube, etc.), live video feeds and automatic number plate recognition.
 integrerer med enhver slags data, som du ønsker at monitorere. Det giver dig både et hurtigt overblik over ankomst- og afrejsestatus såvel som detaljerede analyser af din virksomheds omsætning. Som standard tilbyder CompuSoft Dashboard moduler inden for reservationer og bookinger, el- og vandforbrug, brug af faciliteter via CompuMat adgangskontrol, økonomi og omsætning, salgsstatistikker, personale-tal, internettjenester (f.eks. DMI, DR og YouTube), live video feeds og nummerpladegenkendelser.


All modules present 100 % up-to-date live data. Furthermore, in addition to the many default modules, your Dashboard can be customized and extended indefinitely.

Easily Access Your Dashboard.

After updating your CompuSoft system to the latest version, you will find your personal Dashboard as a separate tab at the top left in your CompuSoft system.

The first time you open your Dashboard you will be greeted by a graphical window with 3x3 predefined modules. The default view gives you a lot of visual information about your company's current situation. For example, you can see today's customer arrivals and departures as well as how your reception is handling the check-in and check-out. Double-click the same module and get detailed information on the reservations with a direct link to your customer database. Check-in has never been faster! Similarly, your receptionists can easily check if all of today's expected departures have been processed.



Access your Dashboard From Your Smartphone And Any Other Browser.

Go to dashboard.compuapp.dk via your browser to access your Dashboard from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. The web version of CompuSoft Dashboard provides all the same viewing options as the PC version. This means that you can safely monitor your company's current status and meet potential problems with a comprehensive overview. It means fewer worries, better customer service and an efficient administration. The web version is available for all CompuSoft users with online booking or data gateway.


Lots of Free Modules.


In the PC version you can design your dashboard as you want, and there are lots of bundled modules you can utilize. The modules can be rearranged and personalized using different color themes. Add as many modules as you want, remove the ones you do not need, or create multiple pages with different layouts. Click the settings icon at the bottom right of a module and select "Replace view" or "Insert". It allows you to insert modules within different categories. Below is an example of a typical configuration:

xx Live video streams xx Receive live video feeds from your surveillance cameras.
  CompuMat ACCESS   Consumption metering for electricity and water as well as access control at your facilities.
  Integrated websites  
Include complete websites in the Dashboards modules. Eg. news, weather and galleries, or your own website.
  Finance   100% live monitoring of revenue, cash position and cash flow compared with your history. 
  Human resources and product statistics   See today's top employee and your top 10 best selling products?
  Booking information  
Quickly check arrivals, departures, new reservations and current customer types. Smart tool for the reception! 
  ANPR   Detailed log of your automatic number plate recognition.

Customize Your Dashboard to Your Needs.

You can set the number of displayed modules, how many pages the dashboard has, whether the dashboard should automatically switch between pages with a certain timeout, and most importantly, which modules you want displayed.
CompuSoft Dashboard is designed to make your experience of the booking system even better and streamline your administration and reception, while providing valuable statistics and figures based on data from your business. The dashboard offers lots of opportunities.

Visualize Your Own Ideas.

The functionality of CompuSoft Dashboard does not stop here! If you have special requirements for your dashboard besides the many default modules, we offer tailor-made modules customized for your specific needs. Perhaps you need special data sets for monitoring your reservation data, statistics, or data from your CompuMat system. Imagine projecting your Dashboard on a large screen in your reception with useful information for your customers and employees concerning activities and events related to your business.
Streaming Video to the Dashboard.

If you have automatic number plate recognition or similar linked to your access control or your parking system, CompuSoft Dashboards lets you stream video directly to your dashboard and within the same window get direct access to customer information based on the vehicle's license plate.

Sign up for Seminars.

You can sign up for seminars about CompuSoft Dashboard. You are going to follow along with 3-4 other people, opening the possibility for sparring and inspiration. It is also possible to put together an individually tailored seminar. At the seminar you learn about all sorts of opportunities with your dashboard. You learn how to customize and configure and get optimal overview and insight. You will gain insight into the data used by the individual modules. You learn how to give your employees access to selected data. 
There will be time for individual counseling.
If you have questions concerning the seminar or would like to sign up, please contact Jacob Heide Lange at phone +45 63 18 63 18 or mail us at [email protected]


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