Wireless measuring

Wireless measuring of electricity consumption makes it very easy to manage your guests' consumption.  
We supply accurate wireless measuring with very low expenses and with quick and easy implementation.

Automatic and accurate measuring

The electricity consumption is automatically registered directly in the guest's account. No more manuel reading of meters!

Reduce CO2

Accurate measuring of electricity consumption reduces unappropriate use of electricity.

  Central management from reception
As soon as your guest is checked-in, the bookingsystem automatically activates the powersupply to the specific pitch. And as soon as the guests checks-out the powersupply is deactivated.
The reception can also activate/deactivate the powersupply when required. And all alteration in consumption prices takes effect immediately.

Self-service for regular guests

With our access control system your regular guests will be able to activate and deactivate the powersupply themselves. Either with their standard access card or with a special card for electricity

Self-service via text messages

With our text messages module you and your guests will be able to activate and deactivate the power supply. The electricity consumption is transmittet to the cell phone via text messages. Your regular guests can turn on powersupply from home and be welcomed by a cold refrigerator.


- No construction expenses 
- Low start up expenses
- Low maintenances costs 
- Accurate measuring
- Easy to expand

Based on the latest technologi

Our measuring of electricity consumption is based on the latest technologi development and returns an accurate measuring. 
Extra antenna units are easily attached, in case you wish to expand the measuring area. 
the system is available in digitale KWh meters for both 1 and 3 phased installations.

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