Access control and consumption-based payment

Minimize CO2 emissions, power usage and water consumption with a CompuMat access controle system in your sanitary facilities. 

The CompuMat system is responsible for lights and ventilation turning on when a guest enters or uses a point card to activate showers. 

Minimise consumption

No matter if the guest pays for water usage or if it is free, it always limits the amount of water throughput when the guest must reactivate water after a certain time has passed, or that the guest has the option of pausing water usage.


Fewer and shorter waiting lines in sanitary buildings

Not only does the CompuMat system help to with minimizing resource usage, it also shortens waiting lines in your sanitary buildings giving an improved experience for your guests.  

Integrate all facilities

Our CompuMat system can manage all of your camping site's facilities. Everything from entrance barriers, doors, pools, internet cafes, wellness areas, etc. 

Discrete design and easy-to-use

Our card- and chip readers are elegantly designed to improve user interaction. The operation is likewise simple. No buttons and no display. Campers love the system and find it easy to use - without use of coins and tokens.  

We offer elegant and advanced solutions

Our access control systems can be integrated with our inhouse booking and management system to achieve a powerful and yet elegant solution that integrates everything aspect of managing a camp site. You will among other things be able to register power and water usage for each customer and automatically calculate customer account balances. The system is modular and can be customised and expanded based on your requirements. The system can also be delivered stand-alone, e.g. to controling gate facilities. 

Everything with only one card

  • Gate facilities, doors, entrance swings.
  • Access and payment at shower facilities
  • Access and payment at laundries, saunas, sunbeds
  • Access and payment at internet cafes
  • Direct consumption registration on the guests account balance. 
  • kWh power measurement and water usage measurement
  • Central management of prices
  • Central on/off toggling of connected devices
  • Central management of heating, ventilation, lighting and locking
  • Automatic on/off of heating in cottages at check-in/check-out
  • Customer info monitors 

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