Intelligent management of rental houses

HouseControl is an add-on module to the CompuMat access control series providing full management and monitoring service of intelligent rental houses and appartments. The module controls access controle, consumption-based measurements, smoke detection, theft protection and regulation of water, heating and power.

The module consists of: 
3 pc. S0 input to e.g. power/water and heating
3 pc. Input to e.g. smoke and motion sensors
1 pc. Input to Tag readers for access control
3 pc. Relay output to til doors locks, alarms, heat control etc. 



Full surveilance and control of complex buildings. All locking, security and energy usage is collected into one centralized system managed and monitored from a computer or a remote device. 

Integration with booking system

For rental of holiday homes we offer full solutions where the above mentioned modules are delivered preinstalled and integrated with our booking solution. You get the advantages of automatic activation of heating, lighting, pools, etc. before or on time of guest arrival as well as registration of energy usage in the total guest account. 

SMS integration

Via an SMS from your cell phone you can control all connected devices such as access control, heating, lighting, ventilation, etc. You can even provide your guests with an SMS code giving them access to their holiday home in the booked period. Via SMS you are also capable of turning on/off heating and controling power and water usage. 
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