CompuMat Webcontrol

Remote control your CompuMat system online

Using CompuMat Webcontrol you can remote control your CompuMat system via your internet connection (pc or smartphone). This means that you are able to turn off the water in the shower cabinets, settle a power usage balance or open the door for one of your guests who forgot his keys - from anywhere in the world.  

All you need to utilize CompuMat Webcontrol is an existing CompuMat system and a website. 


  1. You will be able to manage your entire CompuMat system from any smartphone or pc in the world.
  2. The system implements the option of scripting. This means that you can initiate certain events on a regular basis - automatically. This could be opening and closing shops or the swimming pool. 
  3. You can use the system to monitor the status of various CompuMat devices relieving you from worries when you are on vacation and want to evaluate your business.
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