POS software

Everyone can operate CompuCash cash register

With CompuCash cash register you will get a solution that fulfills all requirements within shops, kiosks, cafés, restaurants, and ticketing.
CompuCash cash register gathers all tasks into only one solution.

Custom-fit solution

The cash register offers individual design of user interfaces and is tailored to fulfill individual tasks. The system is so flexible designed that one solution handles a lot of various tasks. The system can be set up in a way so that each user interface brings different features to the operator; Perhaps you need one specific user interface providing tools to the pizza salesman and another specific user interface providing tools for ticketing....etc etc.

Dashboard visualizes turnoves for total control

See sales details, turnovers, top-selling product, top-seller, comparison of sales and turnovers for all periods and much more from the CompuSoft Dashboard. Also accessable from your smartphone.

CompuCash cash register is fully integrated with CompuSoft Suite and thus you will experience the advantages of having statistics, pricing and documentation gathered in one system with access from anywhere.

The pos system is very easy to use and within only 2 clicks you can complete an operation.

We have focus  on the fact that quite often hoiday resorts provide seasonal employment and experience a high staff turnover. That is why we have designed CompuCash Cash Register so everyone easily can learn and operate the system.

  • Easy to use.
  • Intelligent and automatic pricing.
  • Automatic inventory control.
  • Fully integrated with the booking and administration system.
  • Invoice splitting, debtor handling, Quick Cash, and lots of other usefull features.
  • Restaurant module with electronic kitchen order system.
  • PDA module for full guest service.
  • TakeAway module.
  • Easy deviding of articles into categories.
  • Clear buttons.
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