Welcome your guests with the newest access control system

CompuMAT Access Control, User Pays System, and Consumption Payment System Gather All Your Businesses Into One Unique Enterprice.

CompuMat system is a flexible and unique access control system. The system provides dynamic solutions, which make it easy for you to adjust all your facilities and services to your requirements.

Give your guests access to everything with their personal key card or with their smartphone

That's as simple as it gets! The guest uses his key card both as ID at barriers and entrances, as access card at various facilities and as payment and member card in shops, restaurants, wellness, etc. We proviced customized access control based on chip cards, chip wristbands, chip keyfobs, access codes send by e-mail or text messages, bar codes send by e-mail or text messages. We like to repfrase the word 'access control' to 'welcoming access'. 

Intelligent units, high security and central management

CompuMat access control and payment system is managed from a central pc or from a tablet or Smartphone. This enables you to manage, control and supervise each of your connected facilities any time any where. In case of keys/cards being lost you can immediately block them and carry balances forward to new keys.
Alterations in prices and terms take effect at once without futher actions.

CompuMat access control and payment system can be integrated with our inhouse reservation and management system and provides you with a very elegant and unique solution. Each guest's consumption and use are directly transferred to the individual guest's account.



Easy to use without buttons or displays

You can create all the kinds of keys and cards you require. The key you give to your guest determines the guest's rights. In this way you avoid unappropriate use of facilities. When the guest holds his card in front of a reader, access or use is either approved or denied. No further instructions has to be given to the guest. No text to read and no buttons to press: Green or red light together with sounds indicates if access is approved or not. In this way the system is easy to use for both children, foreigners and handicapped.

Simple and discrete design

The readers have a discrete design and require no maintenances. The readers resist any kind of weather and wet environments as in indoor/outdoor pools, showers and sauna.

Detailed statistics

The system provides you with detailed statistic materials showing each guest's consumption and the coefficient of the utilization for each facility.

Connect with any kind of hardware or machinery

Manage all kinds of hardware or machinery with CompuMat access and consumption-based payment system: Laundry machines, wellness, fitness, ticketing, bathrooms, rental of bikes, vending machines, sanitary facilities and much more.

Quick and easy payment at facilities via vouchers, membership cards, online payment, card or cash.

CompuSoft consumption and user pays system provides flexibility, minimum waiting times, and cashless payment methods.

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