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CompuTicket addresses to tourist attractions, amusements parks, theme parks, sport and wellness, and much more.

Have a sophisticated ticket solution that embraces all your branches and makes it easier for you and for your guests.

With CompuSoft´s combined ticketing and access control you will archieve a sophisticated solution from which you as well as your guests will benefit: Your guests will experince easy access to your company and to your facilities which will result in additional sales. With the intelligent tickets it is easy for you to control and assign access for areas and facilities. Besides, the intelligent ticket can be used as payment card for consumption-based payment or when shopping or buying refreshments in you café.
CompuSoft provides combined ticketing and access control solutions for all kind of sports centres, swimming facilities, tourist attractions, theme parks and much more.

CompuTicket is a flexible and custom-fit sales ticket solution. In combination with CompuMat accesss control system each ticket becomes intelligent and thus offers individual access and rights to your guests depending on your specific rules and options. CompuTicket provides you custommade ticketing which can be scaled accordingly to your needs. The ticketing system can be used alone as traditional ticketing or in combination with our access control system and our booking system. You can manage your entire business including all branches and departments and enjoy all the benefits from this. Your company archieves great advantages when all maintenance, management and customer care is taken care of in only one solution. The management or the reception can easily manage all connected facilities, change times and prices and access settings. It is easy to lock or unlock doors and gates, control heating and lighting and all sales statistics for the connected departments is gathered and controlled in only one system.


Quick and smooth ticketing

Ticketing at the shortest possible time is archiveable by intuitive, custommade point of sale solutions. Each ticketing terminal is tailored for the specific functions which is carried out at the terminals. Perhaps it is the same functions that are required at all ticketing terminals - or perhaps it differs from one terminal to antoher. We help you build effecient work flows.
CompuSoft Ticketing solution is available for touch screens situated directly at the ticket window, for handheld PDA's for your staff, and for self-service-terminals for your guests.

Ticketing through all kinds of chip medias, cards and wristbands, traditional paper tickets, barcodes and pincodes for your guests' smartphone, and subsequently used as electronic tickets.

Self-Service Ticketing Terminals are prepared for payment with credit card, cash payment, or payment via smartphones.

If you choose online ticketing too, we implement a onlineshop at your website. When your guests purchace tickets from your online ticketing shop, he receives a barcode ticket via e-mail or SMS.

Easy handling of membership card and season pass

Membership cards, season passes, day tickets. You name it and the system will handle it. No need to worry about renewals. The system automatically send text messages and reminders.

Combine your solution as you wish

Archieve efficiency and savings by gathering all tasks in only one solution.
We offer a comprehensive product portefolie.

Expand and scale your CompuTicket solution with a lot of optional modules and functions. We gladly help you put toghether an efficient solution based on your needs. Perhaps you can manage with a smaller solution. Perhaps you will need a larger and custommade solution. One thing is for sure: We have got the right solution for you. And in case you miss something from our porte folie, we will make it for you.

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  • Access control
  • Conference modul
  • Booking system
  • Online booking and online payment
  • Wireless locking systems
  • Self-service solutions
  • Automatic dispensering and withdrawal of tickets
  • Point and Bonus system (loyatility systems)
  • Restaurant module
  • Point of sale terminals


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