Fidelity systems

How to keep your guests loyal

With our bonussystem 'CompuBonus' your guests earn points when staying overnight, when dining in your restaurant, when using facilities and so on.

With the partnermodule the bounssystem provides easy cooperation between you and your partners: Every stay or buy made by the guest at your place or at your partner's place returns points to the guest's account. Hereafter the guest can redeem his/her points visiting you or any of your partners.  

CompuBonus is based on a central database containing all guests' accounts. To redeem points it requires that the guest activates his/her loyality card. This is done via a website. During the activation process the guest must sign-in and give full name and address. During the sign-in procedure your guest is taken through a questionnaire and a profile analysis. If your guest agrees you can use these infomation to make direct marketing campaigns.
Everything is designed very simple and is easy to use. 

CompuBonus makes it easier for you to keep your guests loyal. The system provides you with a very logical and user friendly setup and use. We have made allowance for every possible way to
calculate points. And of course the system contains possibillity of differentiation depending on seasons. You can even attach other collaborators to the bonussystem if you wish.


CompuBonus consists of these components:

- Central server and database (hosted by Compusoft).

- Logical and user friendly website or a  local software installation.

- Website where the guests can activate the fidelity card and follow the developing in his/her private account.

- Simple Windows management software.

- Integration software between our reservation / management system and the bonussystem.

- XML integration for third parties' software to obtain same level of integration as with CompuSoft's products. 


- Leading Campings -a group of 32 campsites and holiday centers in Europe.  See more here. 

- TopCamp - a group of 20 scandinavian top star campsites and holiday centers 
The organisation has named their fidelity card "TopCamp XTRA" ...see more here

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