One solution - all advantages

CompuSoft delivers software solutions mainly for the tourism industry, marinas, and for facilities for sport and event.

CompuSoft's wide range of modules and add-ons covers all parts of your business such as booking, ticketing, entrance, reception, access control, user payment system, self-service, restaurants, shops, parking systems, and much more.
The strongest argument for choosing a CompuSoft solution is that all modules in our range are based on the same underlying software platform. This enables us to provide fully integrated solutions and thus you will experience the advantage of having all software modules gathered into one centralized solution - and of course, you are able to custum-build your solution concurrently with your requirements. 

The common denominator for all CompuSoft's products is that no matter which product you start up with, you can always expand your solution with any function, facility, and module from our portefolio. That is why we often use the slogan: "One solution - all advantages".

All products are designed and developed by CompuSoft's development team. All products are right from the beginning designed for its purpose and are not just build upon standard software.


Portofolie is constantly growing

CompuSoft's portefolio is constantly expanding. Please find your solution from the menu to the right.

From the menu you will find information about CompuSoft's Industry-Specific Solutions and CompuSoft's wide range of modules and add-ons. In case you miss something from the list, we hope that you contact to us and tell us about your ideas. Most likelywe already have the solution that you are looking for. Otherwisewe'll make it!

Soon our new website will be launched.
Pardon the inconvinience. 
We are working hard to be ready with our new and updated website. We are sorry that our present website is not fully updated with all CompuSoft modules and add-ons.

In the meantime, if you need further details, please contact us at phone 0045-6318 6318 or write to us via [email protected]

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