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Dec. 2010

Haveltourist: 9 holiday parks central managed in one CompuSoft system

The Mecklenburg Lake District is the biggest lakeland area in Central Europe. It is situated 57 km from the city of Rheinsberg in Germany. In the lakeland there are more than one thousand big and small lakes, all connected to each other by rivers and channels. In this area, Haveltourist GmbH is situated with altogether 9 holiday parks in a radius of 15 kilometers. Like the lakes, all 9 parks is connected into one single unified booking and management solution.

To manage such an enterprise in one single system also makes high demands on the software-supplier. CompuSoft is proud to welcome Haveltourist as our customer from November 2010.

* A special edition of CompuSoft booking and management system controls all 9 holiday parks from the main reception at Havelberge.

* In addition, integrated access control at all entries/exits providing safety and smooth access for guests. Later on, the access control system will be extended and all sanitary facilities will be included to, comprising intelligtent access and consumption payment for use of the facilities.

* Integrated online booking in an unique tailored edition comprising efficient and detailed search facilities makes it easy for the online-guests to customise their stay down to the last detail. All takes place in an intuitive and user-friendly user interface.

* At Easter 2011, all restaurants and eteries will also be implemented in the cental management system. After the automatic guest credit dignity inquiry in the main system, the waiter can transfer the bill to the main guest account in the main system.

* A very special feature is the logistical management of rental canoes.
The canoe-people can book delivery of canoes to any of the 9 holiday parks and book adventure canoeing with individual pick-ups. The CompuSoft system keeps track on how many canoes which have to be ready the next morning at all 9 start points, and where to pick up the canoes again.

All together many tailored solutions, and we can rightly claim: All-in-one system.

We look forward to the cooperation with the BVCD chairman Mr. Doctor Gunter Riechey and the entire Haveltourist team.

Here you get more information about Haveltourist.

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