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Jan. 2011

Newly opened hostel in Bodø, Norway choses CompuSoft solution with full integration to Hihostel.com

Bodø Hostels location has been wisely chosen to meet the guests  requirements. It is situated right on top of the station building in Bodø and lies only 100 meters from the centre of Bodø. Consequently, Bodø Hostel is highly accessible for guests, who also have easy access to the other offerings of the city.

Booking and payment for overnights are easy as well. Bodø Hostels new webbased booking solution from CompuSoft is fully integrated with Hihostel.com. All online bookings from Hihostel.com are automatically transferred to the new booking system in the reception. Effective and economical - without any staff effort. And even with a long list of efficient tools, the booking system features an intuitive and cost-saving interface. The system offers booking tools for the reception as well, and all pricing structures and booking models regarding rental rooms and beds are automatically controled.
CompuSoft s booking system unifies administration, maintenance and statistics in one solution while working as a back-end office to Hihostel.com via CompuSofts maintenance module for rental control on the internet.

CompuSoft welcomes Bodø Hostel as new customer and we are looking forward to a close collaboration.

Click here for more information about Hihostel.com.

Click here for information about Bodø Hostel

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